Outsourcing statistical analyses in demanding research projects can save time, money, help keeping the deadlines and improve the integrity of research.

EcoStat was founded to help small research groups keep the high standards of scientific research and productivity in various data-related tasks - a low-budget alternative to the hired statistician.

The advice and support is not limited to the statistical treatment of data, including also the ecological inference, communication and graphical presentation of results.

Data services

Data exploration

screening of data for statistical problems (distribution, auto-correlation), selection of method based on the data and research question.

Data harmonisation

organise the data for different type of analyses, do the quality check, find errors.

Results & figures, correspondence

presentation of results, description of methods, response to reviewers in method-related questions.

Training and support for new R users


Online support (via Skype, email).

I work in R daily since 2008. While supervising students & helping colleagues, I've probably seen most of the reasons for getting errors, getting lost, and getting in despair.

Much of this can be avoided with little personal guidance in the beginning.

Invest time into learning R if you are going to use it daily in your work.

If not, consider outsourcing the statistical analysis.


Riina Klais-Peets


Skype: riinaklais


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